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Advanced MVC: Building Web Applications Using the ASP.NET Web API with VB.NET

Length: 5 Days | Price: $2495

This course provides students with the skills needed to create sophisticated web applications using advanced features of ASP.NET MVC, the Entity Framework, Web API, and the popular JavaScript libraries jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap and AngularJS. Students will build several ASP.NET MVC web applications using Visual Studio during the week to reinforce the skills they learn.

The course begins with an overview of ASP.NET MVC for experienced programmers and then covers the fundamentals of responsive website design. Students then learn how to use Bootstrap with MVC to make a web site responsive on devices from large desktop displays to small mobile devices.

Students will learn how to integrate jQuery into an MVC application to provide dynamic, client-side behavior. They will then learn how to use jQuery's Ajax features to build more interactive MVC applications. Students will also learn how to use jQuery UI widgets to provide a more sophisticated user interface for their MVC views.

The course covers use of the Entity Framework to provide a data access layer for an MVC application. The Database First strategy is briefly examined before thorough coverage of the more configurable Code First strategy. Students will also learn how to use the Web API to build APIs that expose services and data via HTTP. These APIs can be used by a diverse set of clients including browsers, desktop applications and mobile devices.

The course includes coverage of Single-Page Applications. In these types of applications, the entire page is loaded in the browser after the initial request. All other interactions with the server utilize Ajax requests to update the page. The service layer is implemented with the Web API.

Additional topics include: using HTML helpers to design views; creating both inline and custom HTML helpers to encapsulate view markup; using convention-based and attribute routing to support custom routes; and use of the NuGet packages with MVC applications.

Prerequisites: Prior experience building ASP.NET MVC web sites. Students who are not familiar with the ASP.NET MVC or VB.NET should take the ASP.NET MVC Programming Using VB.NET course instead.

  • Quick Review of ASP.NET MVC
  • Creating Views Using HTML Helpers
  • Working with Inline and Custom Helpers
  • Responsive Applications Using Bootstrap
  • Using jQuery with MVC
  • Adding jQuery to an MVC Layout and/or Page
  • Using Ajax to Build Interactive MVC Applications
  • Making Asynchronous Calls Using jQuery
  • Using jQuery UI Widgets with MVC
  • Including jQuery UI in an MVC Layout or View
  • Using Custom Routes
  • Understanding RouteConfig
  • Working with the Entity Framework
  • Using Database First
  • Generating the Context and Entity Classes
  • Creating the Service Layer Using Web API
  • Creating a Web API Service
  • Securing and Configuring a Web API
  • Using a Web API with MVC
  • Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC, Web API and AngularJS
  • Working with NuGet
  • Course materials include student guide, hands-on lab manual and USB flash drive containing examples and lab files
  • Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of class
  • Students can retake any portion of a class that has been completed, within 12 months at no extra cost
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees
  • Class sizes are kept small in order to provide you with more personalized attention
  • Our instructors have many years of training and industry experience working in their respective fields